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Chocolate molds are only for use with low heat ingredients. They will melt if you put hard candy in them. These clear plastic molds will tolerate heat up to 160 degrees. These molds can be used for Melting Chocolate (other names Candy Coatings, Confectioner’s Coatings, Candy Melts), Plaster, Jell-O, Gum Paste, Cement, Fondant, Gum Paste. The molds are NOT dishwasher safe. HOW TO: Calculate the required amount of chocolate. If you need to calculate how much chocolate is required for a mold we’ve found that using water is a good way to do it. Water measures around the same as chocolate. Fill one of the mold cavaties with water, then pour it into a measuring cup that has ounces on it. Sometimes you can get this on a shot glass in a kitchen supply store. You can also weigh it on a scale. If your scale will zero then put the empty mold on the scale, zero the scale, then fill one mold cavity with water and check the weight. Say it is 1 oz, you can get approx. 15 – 16 to 1 pound of chocolate.. Usually ships in 2-3 business days
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